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Estonia has won the Baltic Cup 2012

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

The second Baltic Cup was played at  Saare Golf Club from 2-3rd of June. This time it meant business for us indeed as the trophy game home! And here are all the heroes who have done it  :)

© Saare Golf 2012

The very first Baltic Cup was played at Lithuania in 2011 where latvian golfers made the debute. Estonian team got the second place. The third Cup is going to take place in Latvia.

The next big tournament coming up at Saare Golf Club is  Estonian Amateur Open 2012 . It is not too late to make your bookings yet, so hopefully seeyou around soon :)

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The Year of Hole-in-One’s !

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Although the World Cup Qualifiers are over for this time , it has been still very interesting last few weeks in Estonian golf life. Apart from Club Championships the most important tournament has probably been Äripäev Business Golf Open 2011 final at Otepää GC where Toyota presented its Land Cruiser as a price for the Hole-in-One! Unfortunately nobody made it this time …

But , it can be done as it has happened at Canadian Open :

Hole-in-One series have continued quite well at other clubs in Estonia. In fact 2011 might become the year of the most hole-in-one’s we ever had !

This seasons club record – 7 – is held by Saare GC , where lucky man of the very first Hole-in-One was Igor Leemet.  Igor got a nice new telly by Euronics… The other lucky golfers at Saare GC are : Paavo Tikka, Jarkko Toivonen,  Aivar Paluvee, Andrei Birukov, Külli Saart and finally Anneli Laakso.  Congrats to everyone !!!

The second place is held by EGCC – 4 Hole-in-One’s in this season ! Lucky golfers are Väino Valts , Kristi Mae, Kadi Maidre and Ilkaa Terkomaa. Interesting enough, but there was no hole-in-one’s made at EGCC in Season 2010 …

The very first Hole-in-One in Estonia was hit by Allan Remmelkoor at his practice round on the second hole at  Niitvälja GC , 29th April 1995. The first hole-in-one on the tournament was done by Yrjö Vanhanen in 19th August 1996.

As far as I know there is no recorded evidence on film of any hole-in-one’s made in Estonia. Perhaps it is a good time to take a clip on your smartphone when your mate tees off next par 3 … :)

The next big tournament is a great place for more aces – Estonian National Stroke Play Championships , which will be played at EGCC from this Friday till Sunday. I heard that more than 100 golfers are registered already. So, Seeyou there !

Jaanigolf Tournaments.

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Saare Cup or Jaan Saare Kapp 2011 was played at Saare GC spot on yesterday, 23rd of June. Livescoring via GolfBox reveals us the winning team – Aivar Karotamm and Valdo Leemet. But this is not the only tournament to celebrate well-famous Midsummer Day aka Jaanipäev in Estonia. Jaanigolf was played already at Suuresta GC on 20th June ! There are also Otepää Grand Prix Jaanigolf and Valgeranna White Nights coming up tomorrow, on 25th of June!! So, if you are thinking to join in then you better sign up today !  :)

EstAmOpen final scores.

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Saare Golf Club provided a beautiful and challenging setting  for this year’s Amateur Open at Saaremaa. Stats : 68 players registered, 15 ladies & 53 men , 2 disqualified. Countries : Finland, Sweden , Germany, Latvia , Lithuania , Russia , Irland and Estonia.  As the number of players was moderate no cut was made.

After 3 days in sunshine and wind winners where : Roger Roper from England with +17 and Mara Puistite from Latvia with +7 !!  So it is pretty clear that ladies did better this time around :)  Runners up where Krista Puistite and Davis Puksts from Latvia. Best Estonian golfers were  Egeti Liiv +23 and Annika Meos +24.

As announced by Estonian Golf association the next years event is called Estonian Open 2012 and that means goodbye to Amateur Open all together. Place for the next Open will be Estonian Golf & Country Club on the North Coast of Estonia.

Photos of the 3rd day and Closing Ceremony by Mats Soomre

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Est Am 2011 gives the first challenge !

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

The first day of Estonian Amateur open 2011 has been really beautiful and challenging at the same time. Although forecast shows wind up to 9m/s only it feels a lot more out there ! But apart from the wind there seem to be superb conditions for both, players and spectators. So, why not to come along and enjoy the beautiful game of golf on our biggest island.

Interview by Robert Weir at opening night of the Championships :

& the Opening Ceremony in Pictures by Mats Soomre

First Day in Pictures via FB & Golfi Fotod Soomre.Com

Whats the score ? : Livescoring from Est Am Open 2011

Est Am Open Will Tee Off Soon …

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

To be precise it’s just 7 days remaining till Estonian Amateur Open players will tee off their first round ! Arrival and practice rounds are starting from Monday 6th.June. There are transfers and designated hotels for players of course, who are expected from more than 20 countries. This tournament is one of the biggest sports events of the year in our calendar. The host – Saare Golf Club is located at Kuressaare on our biggest island called Saaremaa. Distance – only 218km from Tallinn. What is it like ? There is only one answer to it – Very nice ! :) For more information visit : &

* Main tournaments for June are listed on the page  Season 2011 .

Est Am 2011 is now open !

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Saare Golf

The Estonian Golf Association has announced that our 8th Open Championships in Golf is now opened for registration.  World ranking amateur tournament takes place on 9th – 11  June 2011 at Saare Golf Club. The event attracts Europe & even some worlds best amateur players from around 20 countries.  More information about Estonian Open 2011 & registration

Saare Golf Clubs brand new homepage is

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