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History repeats: 2014 Stroke Play Champions are Egeti Liiv & Annika Meos

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

Leaders are leaving from the 15th green ...

The annual stroke-play Championships hosted by Estonian Golf & Country Club offered many dramatic moments but the winners were same as at Niitvälja in 2012. Also we had a cherry on the cake which was a very lucky Hole-in-One played by Siim Sildmäe right under TV cameras!

As we know the skill of  local amateur players is rather even, so there was a fight for the trophy as usual till the final day.  Starting from ladies, Annika Meos took a 5 stroke lead of Liis Kuuli and 8 strokes of  Cliona Georgia Dalberg. She kept her lead also on the final day and took the Trophy by +17. The silver medal went to Liis Kuuli by +24 and the bronze  got sorted out between Cliona G. Dalberg and Kadi H. Meldrum in playoff where after 6 holes Cliona took the pride.

Mens fight was even more challenging as Egert Põldma who had also 5 strokes lead before the final day  had to confess the stability of Egeti Liiv who took the trophy by 3 strokes with the total of +9. So did Gert Holland loosing the bronze to Martin Järve. Egert, who played well for the first 2 days couldn’t keep his game together on the final day and shot +11, which gave a clear chance to Egeti Liiv. Actually it all started from the very first hole where Egert played 9 strokes. After the second hole Egeti was just one behind, but at the Signature hole Egeti birdied and with that he took a one stroke lead already. He made the gap even bigger gaining 5  strokes lead just after 6 holes. Although there was a little comeback by Egert, still Egeti had a comfy 3 strokes lead to take the Trophy of 2014.

A special highlight came on the second day where Siim Sildmäe shot the Hole-in-One right on the TV screen! It was so sneeky that even commentators couldn’t see it at the first place. It also seemed that the cameraman was looking somewhere else, so it really got clear as Siim took the ball out the hole and lifted up just a one finger ;) And that was the very first HIO which has been recorded by TV cameras in Estonian golf history.

Photos were taken by Urmas Kamdron and by EGCC manager Hanno Kross. Delfi Sport story is here and final scores can be found at the GolfBox

The best possible Hole-in-One this Summer

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Not much has happened in our golf calendar since last weekend appart from EGA Junior & Senior Tours which were played at Otepää Golf Club, South-Estonia. The next big tournament - Sirel & Partners Golf Open 2012 will also take place at Otepää GC on coming Saturday, 30th June.

Surely this prize is tempting for many amateur golfers and therefore all places are booked already… The special Hole-in-One competition takes place after the main tournament. Unfortunately I have been late with my booking as well : (  So I ll better go and get myself a Lottery ticket coz chances of hitting the Hole-in-One are not much higher than winning a Jackpot anyway, well at least for most of us …

* Wed, 27th June – I ve got lucky already as the number of players was expanded to 100 and that means EGB will tee off at Otepää GC this Saturday :)  Cheers folkes!

Final results via GolfBox

The new record has been set !

Friday, December 9th, 2011

2011 has been a really good year of Hole-in-Ones for estonians ! Now then the season is over comes the cherry to the top :  A sunday golfer Carl Orav , who is retired now wasn t doing very well against his mates  at Florida GC on 25th November … But on the 16th tee he took his gap-wedge and sinked the ball in just by one shot! The distance was around 100meters , which makes it his shortest Hole-in-One. Yes, you have read correct – Carl has had em before – in fact that was his no 5 , which sets a new personal record amongst estonians! His longest one – 165meters was hit in California. As tradition drinks were on the hero :)  The lucky man Carl is a member of Tallinn GC.

© Carl Orav 2011

The Year of Hole-in-One’s !

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Although the World Cup Qualifiers are over for this time , it has been still very interesting last few weeks in Estonian golf life. Apart from Club Championships the most important tournament has probably been Äripäev Business Golf Open 2011 final at Otepää GC where Toyota presented its Land Cruiser as a price for the Hole-in-One! Unfortunately nobody made it this time …

But , it can be done as it has happened at Canadian Open :

Hole-in-One series have continued quite well at other clubs in Estonia. In fact 2011 might become the year of the most hole-in-one’s we ever had !

This seasons club record – 7 – is held by Saare GC , where lucky man of the very first Hole-in-One was Igor Leemet.  Igor got a nice new telly by Euronics… The other lucky golfers at Saare GC are : Paavo Tikka, Jarkko Toivonen,  Aivar Paluvee, Andrei Birukov, Külli Saart and finally Anneli Laakso.  Congrats to everyone !!!

The second place is held by EGCC – 4 Hole-in-One’s in this season ! Lucky golfers are Väino Valts , Kristi Mae, Kadi Maidre and Ilkaa Terkomaa. Interesting enough, but there was no hole-in-one’s made at EGCC in Season 2010 …

The very first Hole-in-One in Estonia was hit by Allan Remmelkoor at his practice round on the second hole at  Niitvälja GC , 29th April 1995. The first hole-in-one on the tournament was done by Yrjö Vanhanen in 19th August 1996.

As far as I know there is no recorded evidence on film of any hole-in-one’s made in Estonia. Perhaps it is a good time to take a clip on your smartphone when your mate tees off next par 3 … :)

The next big tournament is a great place for more aces – Estonian National Stroke Play Championships , which will be played at EGCC from this Friday till Sunday. I heard that more than 100 golfers are registered already. So, Seeyou there !