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Dewald Lubbe clinched the 2nd leg of Long Drivers European Tour

Friday, May 8th, 2015

Estonian Golf & Country Club has hosted a unique tournament at their Stone Course last Saturday which attracted some of the best long drivers’ in the game of golf. So we had Dewald Lubbe from RSA and the current Guinness Record holder Maurice Allen from USA with us whos ball was flying with the record speed of 339,56 km/h back in 2012 already …

Maurice Allen driving' the ball at EGCC Stone Course, behind him Dewald Lubbe from RSA . * Photo © Leo Siemann 2015

Still it wasn’t enough to take the 2nd leg of LDET as Dewald Lubbe from South Africa was fighting hard for the second win of his career. Although Allen who had just taken the trophy from Sweden week ago and holding the personal record of 414m long drive, Lubbe got it by a 359.4m  drive only to claim the 1st prize. Whats more, the guy was out there in his red short trousers with some +5c and jumped to the pond of the first green for the celebrations :)

The amateur winner was  Ville Kivini from Finland and by seniors Marko Mustonen also from Finland. The only 1st prize which remained in Estonia was claimed by our lady golfer Anete-Liis Adul. We also had two of our pros Torel Neider and Priit Jalasto out there to cheer the growd ; ) Photos were taken by Estonian Golf Blog & Urmas Kamdron. The third leg of Long Drivers European Tour will be held at Golf Arboretum in Slovenia from 12-13 June.

My Kind of Hole in One

Friday, November 21st, 2014

When I started my little blog 5 years ago I had a dream that maybe someday I would be good enough to write for a golf magazine. This day came last Summer when I was asked by the Golf magazine editor Ivika Liblik if I would be so kind and translate my own story of the European Ladies Amateur Championship for their magazine, which I agreed. Then, few weeks later, she asked me again if I would take interviews and write a story of National Stroke-Play Championship which was played at EGCC. Well, I could not refuse either. And finally just one week after Mr. Barack Obamas state visit called me Golf Magazine owner & manager Monika Kuzmina and asked if I would work with them on a cover-story of mr. President ??? As it felt like a good challenge, I investigated the matter and did this as well together with Jaan-Ivo Lukas who wrote the political part of it. Honestly, after writing all those 3 stories I just felt like if I was standing on par 3 and hitting my first hole in one! :) Luckily I have done this twice in my life already and I know the feeling well.  So, here it is for You – the latest Golf magazine of 2014 which will be released on coming Tuesday.  Enjoy it folkes !!

* Selfpublished by Leo Siemann, Sunday golfer & amateur golfwriter. Photo: @Shaldon Approach Golf near Teignmouth, UK – the place where I learned how to play that good old game back in 2005 …

Can Ladies break the EGCC Sea Course record?

Friday, July 25th, 2014

Photo by Urmas Kamdron © 2014

The International European Ladies Amateur Championship 2014 started with a nice coctail party and opening  words by lady in charge -Lorna Bennett and EGCC manager Hanno kross last Tuesday night. Mrs. Bennett was deligted to say that the course looks in superb condition to start with the 1st Championship in Estonia. The EGCC Manager Hanno reminded that our course record of 67 strokes is under the pressure this time for sure.  Said so, Day 1 has proved it as miss Nuria Iturrious from Spain shot -5 already and with this brilliant performance the new ladies course record was born !! Can they push it just a 1 shot further and break the mens record as well? Lets see what will bring another 2 days ahead. Anyway, the weather has been superb with a lot of sunshine and temperatures soaring around 25-30c. So, just a perfect time for golfing.

After Day 2 the leaders are Noemi Jimenes from Spain -5 , Manon Gidali from France -4 and Emily Kristine Pedersen -4 from Denmark. It is remarkable that 15 players are under the par and 9 just having a par. As caps are so close it seems to be another 2 exciting days ahead … ;)

Day 3 was successful for Noemi Jimenes who kept her lead scoring -2 for the day. Gidali dropped from the 2nd position and E.K. Pedersen from the third. But  Celine Boutier from France repeated the course record by 67 strokes and with that took the 2nd position for the finals !! Third place was shared by 4 players from which the winner was yet to rise …

The Final Day was well exciting indeed. First of all we had 2 eagles made by Connie Jaffrey from Scotland on the 1st hole and by Inci Mehmet from England on the 18th. And finally a brand-new course record of 66 strokes was made by Luna Sobron ! She also had to birdie on the 18th to reach the playoff with her team-mate Noemi Jimenes from Spain. And that was A Grand final indeed which took 1,5 hrs and 8 holes to sort out the winner! Eventually Sobron managed to take a better approach shot on the 11th which brought her Trophy at the sudden death playoff. As told by the club manager Mr. Hanno Kross, this kind of playoff is rare in the whole World and we had a luck to whitness it on the very first European Championship here in Estonia.

The Official Photos of the champs are made by Urmas Kamdron and non-official ones can be found at my little soapbox gallery – The Eagle View ; )

Final scores can be found @ GolfBox. Live TV was streamed by Delfi Sports Team and the official homepage of the Champs is

Champions of 2013 are Mari Hütsi & Egert Põldma

Sunday, September 1st, 2013

The 20th Estonian Championships in Stroke play were held at EGCC over last weekend. This years’ champions Egert Põldma & Mari Hütsi hold their lead from the very first day till the end. On the second place were Martin järve & Liis Kuuli and on bronze Sander Aadusaar & Cliona Georgia Dalberg.

It was the first championship gold for Mari Hütsi who has left to continue her studies in the USA just a day after. Also it was the very first time when our national championships were broadcasted live on TVPhotos were taken as usual by Mats Soomre our first & only knighted’ golf photographer :)

Former F3 Driver will tee off soon …

Friday, April 19th, 2013

Mr. J.Popov by Estonian Golf & Country Club today

It is interesting that the game of Golf attracts people from extremly different fields. I have been amazed so many times to meet them at the golfcourse or in the clubhouse every year. Surely there are many business people who love the game, but also lawers, politicians, medical doctors & nurses, inventors, TV presenters and  professional sportsmen.  The last ones have really got my eye now as there is a new kid in the block, who will tee off soon :)  In the way it is normal as we got Olympic winners Erki Nool and Kristina Šmigun amongst us already. Also the former top athletes Ago Markvardt and Virge Naeris have been enthusiastic golf players for many seasons. This year we got an entry by former F3 driver & North-European Zone champion Jegor Popov. I must admit it is extremly different sport to come from and just to see someone doing that is cool & fun indeed ! Obviously because of the speed of these two sports is very much different as you may have noticed … : )

Photo taken at Hämeenlinna, Finland. © 2006 J.Popov

I also had a chance to get a little interview from the man himself:


President Cup at EGCC

Monday, September 17th, 2012

It is becoming more common now that we can see a brand new car presented for Hole-in-One in Estonian golf tournaments. So it was at EGCC Presidents Cup by Ballantine s , where we had the Lexus GS and a full house of golfers once again ! Even TV3 was there to make his little news-clip about the tournament :)

© Estonian Golf Blog 2012

Final results were following : The best of Ladies - Apawan Chinglek &  HCP Strokeplay winner – Ingrid Jegers. The best of men – Jika Jongikhaya  & best HCP Strokeplayer  - Marko Kippa.

Photos were taken by Urmas Kamdron.

The next big tournament will be the EGCC Trophy, which takes place from 4-7. October. This is also a prime time to collect World Amateur Golf Ranking points.

My interview with Khaya

Friday, September 7th, 2012

The former South-African caddie, originally known as Jongikhaya Jika has been training here in Estonia for a couple of months now. His homeclub – Fancourt is well known golf resort in South-Africa. Why is Khaya here and how has it been? Thanx for his manager and close friend Raul Källo I had a chance to talk to him at Estonian Golf & Country club few days ago – So, finally after all of my struggle with everyday life, bad internet connection and over-updated Youtube, here is  my interview with Khaya for you.

Estonian Champs in Stroke Play 2012 at Niitvälja GC - Khaya on 11th tee.. © Leo Siemann

The final tournament Khaya will be playing here in Estonia before flying back home is Presidents Cup at EGCC on Sunday, 9th September.

You can follow Khayas story & join his fanclub on FB:

* Special thanx to  Audio24 team for recording our first live interview !