Suursalu and Meos have won EGCC Trophy 2014

From the left: Egeti, Sander, Mark, Annika, Mari and Ave.

The only, 4 days golf tournament – EGCC Trophy was more spectacular than expected. Our best Amateur player Sander Aadusaar took the lead by one shot in front of Estonian no1 pro Mark Suursalu (EGCC) on the day one. Although Suursalu got it back on the next day and kept in on the third, the final round was well enjoyable to watch as on the 9th hole Suursalu overcooked his approach shot and landed on a carnusti’ as he described the particular situation. So he took 4 extra strokes and holed no9 with 9 strokes!  After this Suursalu and Aadusaar were even again, but not for a long …

Sander on his second rescue shot by the river of Jägala ..

Loosing a couple of shots on next 3 holes Aadusaar shooted over the green by 40meters on the 14th and found himself on the fishermans’ bath by the river of Jägala … Then he gave up another 2 shots to Suursalu who had a comfy’ 4 strokes lead going to the 15th which he birdied as he did all the other days. Although Suursalu played a couple of more boggies and Aadusaar birdied on the final hole, remaining 2 shots lead was good enough for Suursalu to claim the trophy. Our stroke play champion 2012 Egeti Liiv got the third place this time as his putting let him dow, specially on par 3 greens. Apparently it was the only home tournament but not a big challenge for Suursalu this year who had just come back from the Russian Open. Ladies winner Annika Meos from Niitvälja GC played over Mari Hütsi by massive nine strokes. The 3rd prize went to Ave Epner. Prizes by Euronics were nice, including the latest series of TV sets, i-pads and other groovy gadgets. Hopefully there will be a prizemoney given away next year also as Niitvälja did it at his Cup, so more pros will be tempted to attend and the level of the game goes up.

Photos of the tournament can be found here. The next big event coming up at Estonian Golf & Country Club is our National Stroke Play Championships from 29th-31st August.

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